Seasonal Programs

Muslim American Society

6 Pearls Summer Camp
The MAS DFW 6 PEARLS Summer program aims to provide youth girls with a fun and safe environment to bond with other young Muslimahs. Some activities include a canned food drive, painting, cupcake decorating, a scavenger hunt, and sport warm-ups.

Qur’an Camp
A 4-6 weeks intensive program to support the proper recitation, understanding and memorization of the Holy Qur’an. The program includes Islamic studies (Akhlaq, Ahadith, Seerah, Prophet's story, and more).

Summer Camp
The MAS DFW Summer Camp is a unique program that keeps your child engaged, active, and most importantly, having fun in a safe Islamic environment. We offer specialized programs for boys and girls ranging from ages 5-11 years old.

This year, insha'Allah, we will be taking full advantage of our new facility by offering a range of exciting activities. Children can take swimming classes at our on-site swimming pool with a Red Cross certified swimming instructor (space is limited). Junior cooks will learn the culinary arts at our industrial full-service kitchen (recipes are included). Cooks will present an Iftar to parents at the end of the camp to show-off their new found talent. Campers can sharpen their presentation skills with our computer class. Students will learn how to make exciting projects by using MS PowerPoint software. Your budding actor will love our in-house theater complete with stage, lights and action. Children will learn all the angles of putting on a production from props, costumes to acting. Make and take crafts is a favorite at MAS Summer Camp and it is back 2.0. Younger campers will work with the favorites, while older campers will have to use their imaginations. What can they come up with when given a bag of materials and a craft quest? Who knows, but it’s sure to be creative!

Ramadan Program

  • Specially Tailored Ramadan Program for Youth
  • Extended Nights filled with Qiyam, Spirituality, & Fun
  • Youth Friendly Khatira’s & Taraweeh Program
  • Quiz, Qur’an, & T-Shirt Competitions
  • Prizes for Many
  • Community & Youth Iftars
  • Join Us For Every Night of Ramadan