Youth Department

Muslim American Society

The MAS DFW Youth Department consists of three active signature projects to develop the youth:

MYGive helps display the relationship between faith and activism. As demonstrated in our prophetic model, the goal of this project is to mobilize young people and instill the Islamic spirit of social responsibility. Some examples include: Passing out gifts in hospitals on Eid, Planting trees in local parks, soup kitchens, feeding the poor. Some lessons we learn: Caring for others,learning to give to others, learning to be compassionate towards others, learning to understand and help those who are less fortunate.

MYRevive consists of qiyaams and spiritual programs, and events that provide youth an opportunity to become closer to God through prayer, inspirational lectures, and bonding activities. Many who attend such events describe it as a life altering experience where they emerge from it feeling much closer to their Creator and feeling the need to be mindful and thoughtful of others. Some examples include: Nature walks at a park, visiting grave yards, qiyaam prayers, short khatirahs. Some lessons we learn: Teaches patience and certainty.

MYAthalon promotes healthy bodies, strong character, and sound minds. Sports are a very important part of the lives of many youth growing up in America. It not only helps build confidence, teamwork, and companionship, but it is also a great way to relate to youth of other faiths in a positive way. Some lessons we learn: Teaches team work, teaches trust, and self discipline. Some examples include: tournaments, competitions, watch parties, etc.